This bracelet is hand-made, cleansed and charged by Lady Pluuto using Palo Santo, sound vibrations and the Sun/Moon.

Strung on stretch cord. With love.

A description of the properties of each stone will be included with your order.


Moss Agate: connected with nature and the spirit of the Earth. It brings new beginnings and promotes the release of old habits, as it also attracts wealth and abundance.


Montana Agate: prods and energizes you to seek growth both spiritually and physically. Some say it contains what’s left of an ancestral tree that connects with our earliest ancestors and the spirit of Mother Earth. Provides healing for ancient past lives and help connect you with the planet and nature.Montana Agate is also extremely grounding, being capable of clearing one’s chakras, kundalini energies, and yin/yang energies. It is a very strong choice for those seeking emotional balance.


Angel Aura Quartz: encourages you to bring a lighthearted energy to your spiritual practice to establish one that connects best with you. Your spiritual journey is meant to be enjoyed! Reminds you to be joyful. Encourages you to embrace a light, playful attitude. Encourages you to find the fun in your creative process by bringing a child-like attitude back into your project.

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