This bracelet is hand-made, cleansed and charged by Lady Pluuto using Palo Santo, sound vibrations and the Sun/Moon.

Strung on stretch cord. With love.

A description of the properties of each stone will be included with your order.


Lava Stone (Gold): ignites inner fire, increases energy, offers support for periods of change. Cleanses, grounds and strengthens energy.


Red Jade: Passionate and stimulating, associated with love and letting off steam. It allows one to access anger, but release the tension in a way that can be constructive. Combines Earth and Fire energies. Considered the warrior's stone, a talisman of individual power and will, dispelling fear, worry and doubt. Stone of luck, material prosperity and physical health.


Black Onyx: powerful protection stone, absorbs and transforms negative energy, helps prevent the drain of personal energy, aids development of physical and emotional strength and stamina, heals old trauma, enhances telepathic connections.


Ruby Zoisite: assists in releasing deep rooted fears, boosts vitality, encourages creativity, brings energy to love relationships and boosts passion, promostes inner balance and enhances optimism. Offers energy of happiness, appreciation, abundance and growth. Stimulates the heart and opens the user to divine love. Alleviates grief, anger, despair and defeat. Powerful stone for deep healing as it helps activiate the body's defences and healing mechanisms.