This bracelet is hand-made, cleansed and charged by Lady Pluuto using Palo Santo, sound vibrations and the Sun/Moon.

Strung on stretch cord. With love.

A description of the properties of each stone will be included with your order.


Dalmatian Stone: fortifies the spirit, encourages a sense of playfulness, team effort and cooperative work, fidelity and emotional harmony. Cleanses the aura of dysfunctional energies, dispels/transmutes negative energy, protects user from harm. Restores sense of fun and child-like wonder.


Red Jade: Passionate and stimulating, associated with love and letting off steam. It allows one to access anger, but release the tension in a way that can be constructive. Combines Earth and Fire energies. Considered the warrior's stone, a talisman of individual power and will, dispelling fear, worry and doubt. Stone of luck, material prosperity and physical health.

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