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Alana Hall was born in Austell, GA in June of 1991 to parents Thomas Hall and Debra Dennis. She always had a love for creating throughout her youth, but never had any formal training. Alana had only one opportunity to paint during childhood and immediately fell in love with how it made her feel. Her first painting was created in 2003 during art class in Keigwin Middle School in Middletown, CT. The painting was chosen to be entered in an art show, but was never returned.


She didn't pick up another paintbrush for 15 years, but in 2018 Alana re-discovered her first love. 

In 2019, Alana became Lady Pluuto and is now based in Spartanburg, SC and has a studio at the Artists Collective | Spartanburg.

Lady Pluuto works with acrylic and oil paints, digital paintings and murals.



I am a self taught artist, but I learned a lot of valuable advice from watching other great artists. Painting is more than just creating art for me, it's therapy. I paint mostly from intuition, which allows me to release dark thoughts and negative emotions, then re-direct that energy in a healthy, beautiful way. Because of this, creating art plays a major role along my spiritual journey. 

I would describe my art as colorful and ethereal. My first goal with my artwork is for the viewer to feel transported somewhere peaceful and serene, even if only for a few seconds. I wish to provide a sense of renewal, provide illumination for the darker parts of our inner world. 

The inspiration for my style is my father and younger sister. In the summer of 2011, during my father's final days, he was not able to see the physical world we live in. He was only able to see colors (magenta, pink and purple). My sister created a peaceful mountain scene with soft, dreamy colors with crayons. She posted the picture up on the wall that was closest to his side of the bed. He told us that not only was he able to see it, but that he could transport himself there. While there, he felt no pain, no illness, no fear. He felt at peace.

During such a dark time in my life, that memory was what kept my small but significant inner glow in tact. And to this day, it is my guiding light.

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